Welcome....  Coastal Rowing is about excitment, freedom, and fitness. If you are looking for comraderie and safety, get into coastal rowing.  Rowing is not difficult, we can have you rowing in no time at all, try coastal rowing and live the dream. If you want to see the boats in action, signup, or find out more, this web site is for you. Coastal Rowing is keen to share this amazing experience. To set up a group in new locations all that is needed is your interest and some friends with a desire to live the dream, we can show you how.



Coastal rowing off Portofino Italy in beautiful conditions. 13 Australians attended this Tour, six were CRATA members.


Going for Gold, wave hopping magic, father and son combination just loving it.

 "Welcome to Sea Rowing" 4:55 HD


Coral Sea off Townsville the scene of many rowing tours, Paradise on water.

 "Coastal Rowing Welcome" 



 " WELCOME - Coastal Rowing Australia " 


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