Bucket List Activity                           December 2019 

Surf crazy crew: Paul, Peter, Annette, Kevin and Karl 


Can't believe their luck: Ray, Sandy, Graeme and Richard. 

A moment to reflect.

Add this to your Christmas bucket list, Rowing on the North Shore in crystal blue water and riding waves, followed by a cooling swim Sandy, Annette, Kevin and Paul amongst others had to pinch themselves to check they still had a pulse, it was so good. Get on the growing wave of people taking up coastal rowing. Mentally, physically and psychologically this will be the best decision you have made.

New President Takes the Helm                      November 2019 

Recently Coastal Rowing members from Queensland and Inter State gathered in Noosa for the AGM and dinner at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club.  Kevin Hayes was appointed as the New President of Coastal Rowing and Touring Australia Inc. following Warwick Marler stepping down from the position. Warwick was congratulated for his 10 years at the helm. The AGM also voted to acknowledge the contribution that Warwick and Creagh Mecham (Treasurer) had made, by awarding them Honorary Life Membership. Their wives Bronwyn and Rachel were also Mentioned In Dispatches for their tireless contribution to Coastal Rowing. Two new members were elected to the Committee, Ray Weeks and Sandy Hellmrich.


The Clan Gathering also included rowing on the Noosa bar in pristine weather. Crews were given a lesson in surfing waves in a Quad.  This was a blast and crews could not wipe the grins from their faces.  To cool down crews plunged into the crystal clear waters of the Noosa River.  Ruth Marr, from "Rowing the World", visiting Noosa at the time, (joined members for dinner and two rows). Ruth said, she had never seen the boats surfed before and admitted it was great fun. 



Kevin Hayes (President) takes a break on a sand bar in the Noosa River. 


Creagh (Treasurer), Ruth (Rowing the World) and Peter (Secretary) enjoying the moment after surfing the Bar. 


Rachel (Noosa), Heather (Brisbane), Suzie (Sydney), Graham (Townsville) cox Paul (Noosa) on the Noosa River.


Clan Gathering Dinner at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club. Emma and Kevin (President) on the right. 

 BBQ Fund Raiser                           November 2019

Coastal Rowing Members Karen and Kevin at a Fundraising BBQ held in Brisbane to raise funds for the Club. 50% of the taking were donated to the Norbert Krenn Fund, which is assisting in the purchase of Coastal Boats gifted to American Samoa.


Warwick Rows The Dghajsa                            July 2019



Our President Warwick Marler (top, red hat) recently visited Malta where he rowed the traditional Dghajsa coastal boat. These boats are raced in Malta. It has been a staggering 450 years since rowing was first recorded as taking place in the Mediterainian island of Malta. Warwick was on his way to the FISA World Rowing Tour in Finland where he will be rowing another traditional boat, the "Church" boats with other Australian and international rowers. Church boats are crewed by 14 rowers using sweep oars plus a cox.

Sunrise on the Everglades                 July 2019



Stefan strokes the quad on an early morning row to the everglades in the World Heritage, Great Sandy National Park. Peter stroked the Double which made a fast passage, just 50 minutes to Fig Tree Point our destination for coffee and cake, The bird life on our arrival was amazing. People travel from around the world to do this trip, how lucky are we! Just another amazing row thanks guys. 


World Rowing Tour NZ                      April 2019 



The FISA World Rowing Tour has been hailed a success with 42 rowers from 10 countries participating. The week long tour of the Marlborough and Nelson region was hosted by the Nelson Rowing Club. Several coastal rowing members from Australia (CRATA) took part in the Tour, along with Danish, Canadian, Austrian and Swiss among others. The first few days of rowing were in the Queen Charlotte Sound with rowing also taking place on Lake Rotoiti. The Tour included cultural events and magnificent New Zealand food and hospitality.

 New Year Row Sunshine Coast                  January 2019



 Setting out on the first row of the New Year 2019 Richard, Paul, Peter (WATO), Ray, Penny, Peter (T), Peter (A) an Creagh.  

Visit from France                                    November 2018

 Crew: Rachel/ Isabelle/ Peter/ Richard cox: Creagh, Lagoon Bay Noosa.


Isabelle Saint-Antoine from Metz in France has recently visited Noosa while coming to Australia for her daughters graduation from the Melbourne University. We had an amazing row in Laguna Bay off Noosa Beach on a picture perfect day. I met Isabelle in Italy on the FISA World Rowing Tour in 2017

AGM Function                                                            November 2018


Warwick looks for pearls in the coastal rowing oysters. The AGM was held at Noosa this year with lively debate about future plans. Following the meeting members attended a function on the deck of the Yacht and Rowing Club. A great night for catching up with members from other Queensland regions, and one traveling up from Sydney. Sunday morning bought perfect weather and members took to the coastal rowing boats in beautiful tropical clear water off Noosa beaches. A brilliant weekend thanks to all participants. 

World CR Championships Canada                 October 2018 




The Coastal Rowing World Championships for 2018 were raced in Sidney, British Columbia, recently. In the Women's Coxed Quadruple Sculls (WC4X+) the finals were raced over a six-kilometre course beginning with a beach start followed by five buoy turns, then a beach finish. 

Russia was still powering ahead, pushing away from the Spanish and the rest of the pack. Russia looked calm and collected, keeping their stroke rate under 30. Coming into the last two buoy turns, the podium seemed pretty much set - Russia, Spain, Monaco. They kept this order through to the finish line.

In the Men's Quadruple Scull event a clean start saw Italy, and Monarco take off the quickest. The Monarco crew was made up of ex-national French team members and were favoured to win. The boats spread out early making for a clean first turn.  With Italy and Monarco still holding the lead from France and China. They were still out in front at the finish with China a close third.


 T Shirts and Coffee                                                October 2018



Snap! Creagh and Peter with matching T shirts at coffee following rowing in the coastal rowing double scull in waters off Noosa. Peter and Creagh started rowing at school and can still produce a high octane performance. This fashion statement is available in a limited number of colours and sizes. Below Richard makes another fashion statement, he never misses the opportunity to impress the coffee crowd with his "Coastal Rowing" T shirts. Richard started rowing in Germany and then at Mosman RC in Sydney when he moved to Australia.



Coastal Rowers Recognised                September 2018 


Pic from left: Peter & Rosie Taylor, Richard & Annette Ehrhardt, Sandy &  Wendy Hellmrich,  Celia Serafini, Barb Watson, Christine Boulter, Paul Serafini, Peter Watson.


Coastal Rowing was recognized at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club's Presentation Night last Saturday. The gala evening included a three course dinner, band and awards.  Fine boat rowers were recognized and among them Di Crouch won Club Champion, and with Rachel Mecham they were awarded most successful Double Scull. 

Recognition was also given to the following Coastal Rowers; Denis Kearney, Paul Serafini, Annette Ehrhardt, Richard Ehrhardt, Christine Boulter and Creagh Mecham.


Coastal Rowing is now recognized as a significant part of rowing activity at the Club. I would like to congratulate all our members who have consistently taken part in coastal rowing activities and social activities throughout the year.


Visit from Melbourne                 September 2018



Terry and Louise Phillips visited Noosa recently. They row with the Melbourne Rowing Club and met some of the Noosa Coastal Rowers while on the FISA Italian World Rowing Tour. A friendship was started and now they are at home rowing coastal boats in Noosa

Coral Sea Tour                                  September 2018



The Coral Sea Rowing Tour 2018 was held at Magnetic Island and attracted 14 participants from around Australia. We had great rowing in sometimes choppy and windy conditions, making the rows challenging and adventurous. Weather conditions were perfect most days with some high winds at the start and on the last two days, restricting rowing to early morning and late afternoon rows. This did not affect the Tour, as there were many activities to explore on Magnetic Island.  We stayed at Villa Kembali while on the Island and this provided most of the participants with five star accommodation and entertainment areas right on the beach where we kept the four coastal boats. We had access to a pool and BBQ plus coffee shop and restaurants at Horseshoe Bay.  Drinks on the deck at five became a life style choice for everyone and most decisions were made over drinks. The last day of the Tour was conducted in the waters off Townsville and the harbour. This was another interesting rowing environment topped off by a walk up Castle Hill to take in the magnificent view. Our last night together was spent at the casino Quarterdeck bar and restaurant. A very happy Tour made possible by Creagh, Graham and all the participants who shared tasks and contributed to our collective enjoyment. 


FISA World Rowing Costa Brava SPAIN                   May 2018  



Several Australian Coastal Rowers returned recently from the Costa Brava, Spain following their participation in the International FISA World Rowing Tour. Our members included Peter (seen in orange top) Kevin (in white top). The  above photo is Graham, coastal rower from Townsville. Our other members, who can be seen in the Video below, are Marion, Chris, Lisa and Warwick. I hear that this was a great tour the smiles tell it all. Finland and New Zealand are being considered for next year, roll on 2019.


Argentinian Asadore BBQ/ Wine Tasting     April 2018


Last night a fundraiser was held in Brisbane to assist with our equipment replacement program. over 80 guests were treated to a magnificent Asadore BBQ and Wines were presented by Barossa Vally winery Hayes Family Wines. This was a great opportunity to meet and greet many of our rowing members and their friends. Well done Warwick and Born an amazing effort. We made a very healthy contribution to our Fund raising efforts, thank you everyone.

CHARLOTTE NAILS IT FIRST TIME                                               April 2018


Charlotte had her first row this morning, she is just 13 years old. She rowed very well with very little instruction. Charlotte was able to pick up the technique quickly, she did a number of rowing exercises and rowed 8km to the Noosa River mouth. Charlotte is clearly a talented rower who has launched her rowing career in style. Other members of the crew were Annette, Richard and Denis. It is great to see young rowers enjoying the sport right from the beginning.

World Rowing Tour, Ligurian Coast - Italy     September 2017

FISA Tour rowers Rachel and Creagh after landing at Camogli.

Sestri Levanti 86 rowers, 14 boats and people from 19 countries.

Creagh Rachel and Peter at Le Grazie 

All at sea, the Fillipi boats handled beautifully. 

Karen and Creagh enjoy the evening on the launch to Portofino.

Le Grazie - Andrew (Canada), Nathalie (France), Mila (Portugal),  Marino (Italy), and Peter (Australia). 

The FISA World Rowing Tour conducted on the Ligurian Coast Italy involved 86 rowers from 19 countries. The Tour started with strong winds making rowing impossible on the first two days and a thunderstorm hit the fleet late afternoon and evening on the third day. Rowing on the forth and subsequent days was a real treat with beautiful scenery good weather and crystal blue sea. We rowed along the Cinque Terre visiting Porto Venere, Monterosso, Sestri Levante, Porofino and Camogli and finishing at the International Boat Show in Genova.  This was the first Tour conducted in Coastal Rowing Boats on the sea, and considering that many participants had not rowed in the sea before, they did an amazing job in some very trying conditions. The ELPIS Rowing Club in Genova ran the Tour and did an exceptional job. 14 coastal boats were supplied by Fillipi. This was an amazing boat, all boats were in good condition, and handled well even in 3 to 4 metre seas. Congratulations to Warwick, FISA and to the ELPIS Rowing Club Genoa for making this amazing Tour available to so many international rowers. Well done!


 Laguna Bay off Noosa                        August 2017 



Crews from Noosa rowed in Laguna Bay and along the National Park bays before beaching on Noosa Main Beach to stop for coffee at Sails. The ocean was perfect and included dolphins, who came to watch the rowers. Another perfect Saturday morning row. Crew included from left : Sandy, Peter A, Kevin, Richard, Annette, Denis, Christine, Wato, Peter T, Paul camera Creagh 5th August 2017.

See the video Laguna Bay Coastal Row:

HOTT Half Marathon Race                       June 2017


Crew from stern: Peter(Wato), Rachel, Paul, Creagh, Sandy 

The Murwillumbah 21km HOTT Race went well with approx 50 boats in attendance. The Race was rowed in strong winds 20-30 km/hr and a strong tidal flow, slowing our boat to an average of 7 km/hr, maximum 13 km/hr. The launching and recovery of our boat went flawlessly and our on water row went to plan with a strong performance from all our rowers. Race times for all divisions were longer than normal due to the challenging conditions. We arrived at Murwillumbah Rowing Club tired but elated at our performance. Race organisation was very good and volunteers were very helpful to all the arriving crews. The training for this race has made an incredible difference to the crews rowing technique, endurance, fitness, boat handling, teamwork and ability to cope with the unexpected. The average age of this crew was 70 and several members have only been rowing for a few years. This was a major personal achievement, well done!  As Sandy said, "it was not like winning the  Sydney/Hobart yacht race, but a major achievement non the less."


  Coral Sea Tour                                               April 2017



The recent tour to Magnetic Island off Townsville was conducted in the wake of Tropical Cyclone "Debbie" and included strong winds. The row to our base at Horseshoe Bay was challenging, however the winds abated towards the end of the tour enabling many amazingly beautiful rows complete with turtles. Several walking trips were taken to remote sandy bays for swims and walks to the fort which included native koalas and cockatoos. The highlight however was the five star accommodation "Villa Kambali" which was a very modern, spacious resort style house right on the beach. G&T's on the deck at five o'clock and BBQ's made for a memorable beach experience. Given our last minute changes of plans bought about by the cyclone the Coral Sea Tour was a gold star experience.

Video: Coral Sea Adventure Rowing - Magnetic Island 2017                                        

Father & Son                                                               January 2017


This was a first time row in the rough water for David who was visiting his family from the UK over the Christmas period. David rowed while at school in Brisbane but is now more comfortable on a road bike, riding around London in the wet!  It was a real buzz for both rowers as the father and son combination really hit it off and made the coastal double fly in the choppy water surfing waves. Their technique may have something to be worked on, but "this was a wonderful row" said Creagh (the father) and "I can't wait to repeat it soon".

 See the coastal double in action:


Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast - Australia        November 2016

Crew Peter/ Richard/ Annette/ Paul/ Creagh off the coast of Maroochydore. This was the only wave that came into the boat all morning. Another great row in the Pacific Ocean, conditions: wind 5 to 12 knots, seas 1.5 to 2m. Old Women Is. to the North and Point Cartwright to the South. The row was followed by a hearty breakfast at the fish market on the Mooloolaba Spit. Just another fabulous Saturday morning row, 19 November 2016.  

Video "The Escape Hatch"

FISA World Rowing Tour - Austria           July 2016 

Above from left: Australian participants Bruce Huchinson (Boat Capt), Rachel Mecham (Boat Capt), Bronwyn Marler, Warwick Marler (FISA Rowing for All Commissioner), Kevin Hayes (Boat Capt), Suzie Jones, Creagh Mecham insert: Frances Tachimoto, Six of the international rowers were members of Coastal Rowing Australia. 

The Crystal Blue rowing tour this year was held in the UNESCO World Heritage Salzkammergut region, which includes many large inland lakes with drinking quality water. Over 60 rowers from around the world took part in the seven day event which included recreational rowing plus social and cultural events. Rowing on the beautiful lakes with breathtaking mountain scenery and picturesque towns was a unique experience. The event was started with a flag ceremony in a magnificently serious chocolateria and finished with a grand ball, dining and waltzing. Our hosts had spared no effort to present Austrian culture to our select group. We left Bad Ischl, our base for the tour, with a standing ovation for the organising committee. Well done Karl Boehm and team.

Boat Fin Modification                                                             April 2016 

For some time we have been having difficulty launching and recovering boats from beaches and shallow waters. The solution is a removable Fin. All newer boats now come with removable fins. Recently we have modified one of our boats with a removable fin to test the concept. If successful all our boats will be upgraded. A recent test on the Noosa bar in rough waters proved to be successful. However it will be a requirement to always fit the fin to prevent water from entering the boat and ensuring that the fin is always attached to the hull with cord.  



Water Safety Training                                           April 2016

Training for all crew reduces risk and improves crew efficiency when dealing with emergencies at sea.  Rapid changes in weather could cause a crew to be swept overboard or a boat to rollover in waves.

Training for these possible events was recently conducted at Noosa. The training included a 300m swim, man overboard drills, boat rollover and righting drills, life jacket drills, and the deployment of EPIRBs.  Judging from the smiles, it was also good fun.




Bridge to Beach 2016 - Win                                          February 2016


Winning crew Bridge to Beach 2016 Coastal Challenge Race; from left Suzie Jones, Tom Norris, Rachel Mecham, Carol Johnson, cox Creagh Mecham.

Winning boat on Manly Beach following the race from Sydney Harbour Bridge. The 11km course was completed in 1: 01: 53 hrs.

Blues Point, registration 6:30am. 

 Start 2016 Bridge to Beach Race.


 Glebe RC looking towards Sydney.

 Nielsens Beach Sydney Harbour, coffee stop on a picture perfect day.

Coastal Rowing Australia competed in the 2016 Bridge to Beach Race with two coastal quads. The race was conducted in perfect weather, making for some very fast times. Following the race the boats were rowed back to Rose Bay where the Cranbrook Master Rowers put on a BBQ at which the finer points of racing were discussed with vigour.

A rest day followed before the Tour part of our trip to Sydney got underway. One of the highlights of the Tour was a visit to Balmain RC. 14 of our crew were briefed on the Clubs incredible history and we were given a tour of their small but efficient boat shed. Not a millimetre of space was wasted. We were then treated to a wonderful BBQ on the deck as the sun set. Their members made the coastal rowers very welcome. Joe Gretch their President rowed with us at Christmas in Noosa and again on Saturday during our Tour along with Polly Pickles.

The Tour rowing was brilliant with some strong winds in the late afternoon making the returns to Rose Bay exciting. The final night was spent at the 18 Footers Club at Double Bay where we celebrated the end of the Tour and two Birthdays. What an amazing time we had. Can't wait for the next Tour. Thanks to all who helped facilitate our visit, Cranbrook you rock!

Blues Point  7:00am before the start. 


Manly Beach after the Bridge to Beach Race. 

Crew Training                                  February 2016


Coastal Rowing numbers continues to expand in the Coastal Double Christine and Peter in the Quad Michelle/ Peter/ Denis and Christine. Crews are in training again this year to compete in the "Bridge to Beach Race" Sydney Harbour on the 28th February 2016.


  Boat 02 Renovations                              Oct 2015


Paul and Sandy putting their backs into boat maintenance. Boat 02 our first eurodiffusions quad purchased in 2008 is undergoing a complete renovation after seven years of service with our club. The hull is patched and polished and all the fittings are cleaned. Broken and worn parts are replaced. When finished the boat will go back to Brisbane looking almost new. Well done guys!

Saturday Morning Row                                     Oct 2015


North shore break. Rowing on the panhandle Noosa, and watching the sun come up. A great place to catchup with friends. Peter in the foreground is an Equine Vet but loves rowing and running. Below: Creagh and Rachel coming through the mouth of the Noosa River.


FISA World Rowing Tour                                                   Sept 2015

Recently several of our members traveled to Italy to take part in the FISA Tour on Lake Maggiore. Warwick has been responsible for running the tour in association with Italian rowing authorities and Clubs. The coastal boats were provided by Fillipi. Below are some photos taken while on Tour.


How much fun can you have in a boat?      June 2015

GRB crew racing in Guernsey fog.


Big waves San Remo, Italy.


French Wave, at the French Coastal Championships, 657 rowers participated, May 2015. 

Going for it!


Just you and the Sea.  

 Lima, Peru where crews are arriving and training for the World Championships.


Coastal Boats for Tropical Waters              June 2015


Our fleet expands. Coastal Rowers in Townsville and Magnetic Island plus visitors and our members will be able to take advantage of rowing in the tropical waters off the Far North Queensland Coast.  Recently our Boat Captain in the area, Graham, took delivery of the latest addition to the fleet, a C2X and a C1X.  This will provide additional flexibility and help in the training of new Townsville based members.  Have fun guys!

Boat Refurbishment                                                     May 2015


Boat refurbishment is under way following the purchase of two second hand coastal boats. The maintenance work should be complete within the month and the boats will be on their way to the tropical waters off the coast of Townsville and Magnetic Island. Photo Creagh supervising dogs Fin and Roxy, carrying out repairs.

Bridge to Beach Tour Sydney                                                 March 2015


Finish of the Bridge to Beach Race 22 March 2015


Happy to hit the beach following the race; Sue, Graham, Creagh, Suzie, Karen, Annette 

The Bridge to Beach Race is organised by Ocean Paddlers and is an annual event which attracts Kayakers, Surf Skiers, Standup Paddlers and a host of small craft. This year it also included seven Coast Rowing Boats. The winning CR boat from Cranbrook completed the 10.2 km course in less than ideal conditions in 1:17:34 hrs. This was a first time racing Coastal Boats for many of the CRATA crew. It provided real insight into the boats capability in strong tides and winds plus in excess, at times, of 3 meter seas while crossing the heads to Sydney Harbour.

The Tour was made all the more enjoyable by the excellent hospitality of our hosts Cranbrook Master Rowers based at Rose Bay. Miranda Marshal the President went out of her way to make us welcome. Thanks go to all at Cranbrook for making our visit such a success.


Framed by Sydney skyline:  Kevin, Karen, Stefan, Carol and Suzie


Famous Sydney landmark "Doyles" a lunch stop on the Tour 


Entering Rose Bay after a fantastic row to the "Spit"; from left: Annette, Rachel, Graham, Richard and Marion 


Crossing South Head on a good day with the Manley ferry in the distance. On Race Day the winds were gusting up to 20 kts and seas from 2 to 3 meters with chop. All coastal boats made the crossing without incident.

Packing for Sydney Tour                      March 2015

Three quads are being cleaned and made ready plus the trailer serviced for the 850km track to Sydney from Noosa to participate in the Sydney Harbour Rowing Tour and the Bridge to Beach Race on Sydney Harbour 22 March 2015. Pictured are Richard, Sandy and Rachel also helping was Annette. Packing the trailer and gear took three hours. Locals were very interested. One woman just stood watching saying "it's a beauty". Crews will make their way to Sydney for a week long rowing adventure of the harbour and it's night spots.


Guy's C1X Making Waves at Torquay      February 2015


Recently Guy Wright commenced rowing a new Leo C1X Coastal Boat at Torquay in Victoria. While he is still getting to know the area he reported that the boat is going well and he is looking forward to doing more rough water rowing and making contact with the local SLSA Clubbies. Guy said ..."it certainly generated a lot of local interest" This could be the start of yet another base. Pictured rowing the Leo is Bill Digby "he really enjoy it" said Guy. Bill rowed for Australia in the 80's in the Light Weight Men's Coxed Four.

Safety Training                                 February 2015

Crews from Noosa recently underwent safety training which included lifejacket drills, 300 metre annual swim, plus capsize drills and righting procedures. All agreed that the morning was worthwhile and improved their confidence and team work in managing the boat in difficult situations. The Club safety procedures have been posted on the web site under "Safety Management"  Safety training will be an annual event.



FISA World Rowing Tour Bavaria September 2014             

This years tour included six Australians, four of which were Coastal Rowers. The fast flowing Danube River provided some exciting moments throughout the Tour which was rowed in four Church Boats and Two coxed C Boats. A distance of 255 km was rowed from Vohburg to Passau. The organisation was done with German precision and there was ample opportunity for socialising throughout the Tour, all up a fantastic Tour. I had never rowed a Church Boat before and enjoyed the experience. At the closing ceremony Warwick Marler (Australia) was handed the torch to run future tours and Yens Kolberg stepped down as Commissioner for the FISA Rowing for all Commission and Tour captain, a position he had held for several years. He was warmly far welled by all participants.

















FISA World Rowing Tour - Bavaria 2014

 Coral Sea Rowing Tour                                        August 2014


This year's tour was conducted during a time of very strong winds, some beautiful days and on the last day steady rain and low cloud. This however did not dampen our spirits and rowing was conducted on all days. Some exciting rough water rows occurred when we rowed to Balding Bay or sallied forth out into the deeper unprotected water. Most rowing was conducted early morning and at twilight. Horseshoe Bay lived up to it's tropical friendly reputation. Graham was a perfect host ensuring that we all filled in the day with hiking, swimming and trips to other parts of the island. Our accommodation was 4.5 star and our wine and food intake was up to the very high standard set on our other tours. This was a great tour with great people, great scenic beauty to bays and pristine beaches only accessible by boat plus great camaraderie. Looking forward to the next one.


Coral Sea Rowing Tour 2014

Febor Konyukhov Russian Adventurer                May 2014                                         


Fedor is close to making land fall at Mooloolabah having rowed 16,200 km across the the Pacific Ocean from Chile where he departed on the 22 December 2013. Fedor is a legend, having trekked to both poles rowed and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean seven times, sailed around the world twice and climbed the seven highest peekes in the World. Read his Bio details you will be amazed! Coastal rowers were among the flotilla to meet Fedor when he arrived at Mooloolaba.  Read more about this amazing 63 year old adventurer.  He is regarded as a hero and a national treasurer in Russia.

Waiting for Fedor video



Start Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race         April 2014 

Ghosting along! and yachts almost becalmed! Recently our crew rowed to the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race off Redcliff in Moreton Bay. The weather was sunny and calm which meant that the coastal boat was making better time than the maxi yachts great rowing! not so good for yacht racing.


Couran Cove Tour                                   April 2014 

Recently 16 rowers some from South Australia joined us on the Couran Cove Rowing Tour, organized as an annual event by Coastal Rowing Australia.  Couran Cove is on South Stradbroke Island, Queensland.  Our base was the Ramada resort that sits astride the extensive Broadwater channel on the inside of the Island, and the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side.  Our rowing adventures included the Pimpama River, the Coomera River, Tipplers Passage and The Bedroom. We took in the Rain Forest and swam in the Pacific Ocean. Accommodation was four star in two four bedroom Villas. The tour was fully catered for by Sue Stephans who provided scrumchous meals over the four days of the tour. 

By evening the crews were in party mode, everyone was animated with lively conversation assisted with several excellent wines. On the final day of the tour the weather deteriorated and heavy rain and cloud descended on paradise. Not daunted the rowers donned wet weather gear and life jackets and rowed back to the mainland for the trip back to Brisbane. The verdict was that this was a wonderful tour and one that we will repeat again next year. To the participants well done, they gave it there all and had a wonderful experience. Hope to see you again next time.


 Night Christmas Flotilla                 December 2013

This is the forth year in which we have participated in the Annual Christmas Flotilla. Locals support the event and gather on vacant blocks and bridges to watch the boats festooned with Christmas lights. Houses along the canals also decorate with lights and hold parties to celebrate the event. Each year the event grows, this year 35 boats took part. The Coastal Rowing crew this year was Annette, Rachel, Richard. Denis and Creagh. 


 SEARCHING FOR DUGONGS                  December 2013


Reconnecting with their Zen, on the bay, after a frantic work week...Another magic moment on Moreton Bay off Brisbane. Rowing in these clear waters affords a great view of the abundant fish and bird life. Moreton Bay is a boaties paradise. Rowers, if you don't get amongst this you are really missing out.  See our Tour Rowing page for the next Moreton Bay Tour or make contact and head out with the crew on most Sundays. Contact: