Welcome....  Coastal Rowing is about the challenge, freedom, and fitness. If you are looking for comraderie and safety, coastal rowing has a lot to offer.  Rowing is not difficult, due to boat stability we can have you rowing in no time at all. Watch the boats in action, contact us, or find out more, this web site is a window into the sport. Coastal Rowing is keen to share this amazing experience. Join us on Moreton Bay Brisbane, Noosa or Townsville or set up your own group, we can show you how. We are recruiting now.



Coastal Rowing  Exciting  Chaotic  Unpredictable 


For people like you


Rowing in the early morning, World Heritage, Great Sandy National Park, Queensland, Australia.


Townsville harbour, setting out for Magnetic Island, no traffic gridlock, just you, your friends and the calm tropical waters.


Sea Rowing       http://youtu.be/eftkFGzXYp0

 Coastal Rowing Horseshoe Bay, Australia 


Video:    Boats in Action


Video: The People



Challenge o  Freedom o Fitness o Teamwork o Friendship