Annual Gathering October 2020

This year the AGM was held in the open air and some members participated by zoom. Creagh a founding member of CRATA, was farewelled from the management committee after 12 years as Treasurer and Col has stepped up for this important position. With the renewed interest in coastal rowing the Committee’s deliberations will impact the health of the first CR Club in Australia (CRATA) and its impact on the sport.
Following the meeting members attended dinner at a popular Noosa Thai restaurant (third from the left; President Kevin Hayes, opposite him is outgoing committee member Ray Weeks. New incoming Committee Members were toasted: Stefan, Col, Suzie and Warwick.
On Sunday following the meeting members took to the beautiful waters off Noosa. picture Rachel and Esther.
Some more coastal rowers after surfing waves off Noosa. Karl, Ray, Penny, Esther, Peter (Secretary) and Rachel.

Morning Training September 2020

Stop at Dog Beach Ann, Peter A, Sandy, Richard, Graeme and Stefan
On the Bar Wato, Ann, Peter A and Wil
Everglades dash for coffee, Stefan and Ann

Covid-19 Crunch March 2020

What did you do when rowing shut down on the 20th March 2020. Sandy remembers rowing to Noosa Main Beach for coffee just before the crisis.

Sandy and crew on Noosa Main Beach.
Suzie remembers the fun times, rowing on Sydney Harbour after winning the Bridge to Beach 11km race.
Peter remembers safety training days and not having to do another one until summer.
Graeme remembers refurbishing four boats during the break and he had only just joined the Club.

Bucket List Activity          December 2019 

A group of people on a beach

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Add this to your Christmas bucket list, Rowing on the North Shore in crystal blue water and riding waves, followed by a cooling swim Sandy, Ray, Graeme and Richard amongst others had to pinch themselves to check they still had a pulse, it was so good. Get on the growing wave of people taking up coastal rowing. Mentally, physically and psychologically this will be the best decision you have made.

New President Takes the Helm      November 2019 

Recently Coastal Rowing members from Queensland and Inter State gathered in Noosa for the AGM and dinner at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club.  Kevin Hayes was appointed as the New President of Coastal Rowing and Touring Australia Inc. following Warwick Marler stepping down from the position. Warwick was congratulated for his 10 years at the helm. The AGM also voted to acknowledge the contribution that Warwick and Creagh Mecham (Treasurer) had made, by awarding them Honorary Life Membership. Their wives Bronwyn and Rachel were also Mentioned In Dispatches for their tireless contribution to Coastal Rowing. Two new members were elected to the Committee, Ray Weeks and Sandy Hellmrich.

The Clan Gathering also included rowing on the Noosa bar in pristine weather. Crews were given a lesson in surfing waves in a Quad.  This was a blast and crews could not wipe the grins from their faces.  To cool down crews plunged into the crystal clear waters of the Noosa River.  Ruth Marr, from “Rowing the World”, visiting Noosa at the time, (joined members for dinner and two rows). Ruth said, she had never seen the boats surfed before and admitted it was great fun. 

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Kevin Hayes (President) takes a break on a sand bar in the Noosa River.
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Creagh (Treasurer), Ruth (Rowing the World) and Peter (Secretary) enjoying the moment after surfing the Bar. 
A group of people in a small boat in a body of water

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Rachel (Noosa), Heather (Brisbane), Suzie (Sydney), Graham (Townsville) cox Paul (Noosa) on the Noosa River.
A group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant

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Clan Gathering Dinner at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club. Emma and Kevin (President) on the right.

 BBQ Fund Raiser                     November 2019

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Karen and Kevin at the fundraising BBQ at Warwicks in Brisbane.

Coastal Rowing Members Karen and Kevin at a Fundraising BBQ held in Brisbane to raise funds for the Club. 50% of the taking were donated to the Norbert Kren Fund, which is assisting in the purchase of Coastal Boats gifted to American Samoa. The remainder went to our operating fund.

Sunrise on the Everglades          July 2019

Stefan strokes on an early morning row to the everglades in the World Heritage, Great Sandy National Park. Peter stroked the Double which made a fast passage, just 50 minutes to Fig Tree Point our destination for coffee, The bird life on our arrival was amazing. People travel from around the world to do this trip. Just another amazing row crossed off the bucket list. 

World Rowing Tour NZ           April 2019 

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The FISA World Rowing Tour has been hailed a success with 42 rowers from 10 countries participating. The week long tour of the Marlborough and Nelson region was hosted by the Nelson Rowing Club. Several coastal rowing members from Australia (CRATA) took part in the Tour, along with Danish, Canadian, Austrian and Swiss among others. The first few days of rowing were in the Queen Charlotte Sound with rowing also taking place on Lake Rotoiti. The Tour included cultural events and magnificent New Zealand food and hospitality.

New Year Sunshine Coast       January 2019

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On Noosa bar the two Peters
Gossip! if you don’t do post row wash and clean, they will only talk about you behind your back! Paul, Penny, Wato and Ray.

Visit from France               November 2018

Crew: Rachel/ Isabelle/ Peter/ Richard cox: Creagh, Lagoon Bay Noosa.

Isabelle Saint-Antoine from Metz in France has recently visited Noosa while coming to Australia for her daughter’s graduation from the Melbourne University. We had an amazing row in Laguna Bay off Noosa Beach on a picture-perfect day. I met Isabelle in Italy on the FISA World Rowing Tour in 2017.

 T Shirts and Coffee           October 2018

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Creagh and Peter started rowing at “Churchie” Brisbane. Hobbies rowing, coffee and T shirt fashion.

Snap! Creagh and Peter with matching T shirts at coffee following a row in the coastal double off Noosa. Peter and Creagh started rowing at school and can still produce a high octane performance. This fashion statement is available in a limited number of colours and sizes. Below Richard makes another fashion statement, he never misses the opportunity to impress the coffee crowd with his T shirts. Richard started rowing in Germany and then at Mosman RC in Sydney when he moved to Australia. He started rowing at Noosa in the 90’s and was converted to Coastal Rowing in 2012.

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Raconteur and seamen, Richard, been rowing all his life.