Tour Rowing is the ultimate active adventure holiday. Let someone else do the hard work, selecting the best locations. I have rowed all around the world and have always had a fantastic time and met wonderful people. Competent rowing skills and a spirit of adventure are all that’s required.  

Rowers have enjoyed rowing tours in Australia and throughout the world in countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada, France plus Sydney Harbour, Magnetic Island and the Murray River and many other wonderful locations.  

Tours are popular as they incorporate athletic endeavour with travel, cultural and socializing with rowers who share similar interests. Tour rowers have an international perspective. Tours are a marvellous way to network with rowers throughout the world and within Australia. Often rowers will seek out each other to go on tour each year!   

Tours range from privately run intimate tours to club and larger formal events sponsored by World Rowing (FISA) and many other national and club rowing events. Tours last for up to a week covering approximately 200km, to one day events of approximately 18 – 30km. A variety of boats are used including coastal, river and traditional rowing boats.

World Rowing Tour, New Zealand 2019 

World Rowing Tour, Costa Brava, Spain 2018  

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Rosa Beach, Costa Brava, Spain, crew from three Nations celebrate the days rowing in perfect conditions.

 Rowing at Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. 

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Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, week long tours are run annually by Coastal Rowing and Touring Australia.